10 Useful Tips on Moving.

Tip 1- Due your Due Diligence! Call at least 3 moving companies for an estimate;

Tip 2- Write down a list of questions, and go through each question;

Tip 3- Take into account Good reviews rather than the amount.Startups my be a hidden gem but do not have an huge amount of reviews.

Tip 4- Always ask about a "Flat Rate Move" rather than Per hour.

Tip 5- Leave a message if none picks up, as well as: email or text, the moving company. Do not miss out on a Good company just because they do not pick up. Smaller companies have owner/operators working in the field.

Tip 6-Make sure you ask for a "in-house quote."

Tip 7 - Make sure you tell the truth, pertaining towards the items you need packed or moved.

Tip 8- While the crew is working, ask them if they would like a drink. Generosity goes a long way!

Tip 9- There is no such thing as a "stupid question." Ask questions!

Tip 10- Word of mouth is a great tool to use,but, always do your own homework on a moving company that best fit